30 Minute Plays

*  Best Christmas – a drama
*  Soups On:  Chop, Simmer, Boil –  a trilogy of ten minute plays to be performed together or separately
*  How Did I Get to Be So Fat? – a touring drama for high school girls


Best Christmas

One act drama – two women


Chloe (20’s)
Deborah (50’s-60’s)


Perhaps it takes a crisis for us stop for a moment from our fast paced chaotic worlds, and glimpse into another person’s life.  Chloe and Deborah share a moment amidst a tragic event, and new life paths are forged.

Production History:  Produced at Tri Media Festival, Fort Collins, CO at The Bas Blue 2008



Soups On: Chop, Simmer, Boil

A trilogy of short plays inspired by soup!  To be performed together or separately.


Cast:  Margie (30’s – 50’s) and Sarah (30’s – 50’s)

Synopsis: Two neighbors prepare delicious creamy beet soup, but the evening turns nasty!

Production History:  One Night Stand Theatre, Denver, 2014


Cast:  Stacy (30’s, early 40’s), Frank (30’s, early 40’s)

Synopsis:  A married couple with children, do their nonsexual-therapy homework cooking cold melon soup, when the evening turns into a sexy cat and mouse game.

Production History:  One Night Stand Theatre, Denver, 2015


Cast:  Becky (30’s – 40’s), Bob (40’s), Suzie (25)

Synopsis:  It’s Halloween night and Becky is drowning her flu and sorrows in medication. Her husband Bob comes by the house with his mistress Suzie, wreaking havoc in an already struggling relationship.

Production History:  Blame It On The Playmakers, Denver, 2014




How Did I Get To Be So Fat?

One act drama for girls (can tour to schools) – 35 minutes

Cast:  Barbie: 20’s, Dana: 20’s, Aunt Vicky: 45

Synopsis:  These characters creatively manipulate their relationships to hide their well-kept secrets, but the deceptions can no longer be hidden. At a last minute bridesmaid fitting, truth are revealed about what it’s like to be a starlet in Hollywood.  The play questions what beauty really is, and addresses the inundation of unrealistic images that show girls of all ages that they are not good enough if they aren’t skinny.