5 – 10 Minute Plays

*  Up a Tree – a ten minute comedy
*  Onward We Row – a ten (to twelve) minute dramedy
*  Spinster in Paris – a 10 minute monologue
*  Soups On:  Chop, Simmer, Boil – a trilogy of three 10-minute plays
    to be performed together or separately
*  Kanoodle – a five minute comedy

Up A Tree
A five minute comedy

Laura Audicci as Linda (40’s)
Michael Nuccio as Joe (40’s)

Synopsis:  Linda and Joe, destined to be together since the third grade, share their first kiss only to share a surprise of a lifetime.

Production History:  And Toto Too, The Play Crawl, Denver, 2014
Picture with Laura Aducci and Michael Nuccio 2014

Onward We Row
A ten minute dramedy

Carmen Noemi as Evelyn (30’s – 40’s)
Eduardo McCormack as Hal (68)
Pascal A. Vargas as Henry (16)

Synopsis: Evelyn must finish painting the house, while trying to keep her wandering father with dementia in one place.

Production History:
Staged Reading over Zoom: Open Eye Theatre, Margaretville, NY, 2020

Spinster in Paris

A ten minute comedic monologue

Cast:  Dorothy (60’s, 70’s, even 80’s – the older the better)

Synopsis: Dorothy begrudgingly sets out on the long journey to her shitty friends’, shitty fourth wedding, in shitty Paris.

Production History:
Staged Reading: One Night Stand Theatre, Denver, 2018
Staged Reading: Follies Play Reading Festival–Sarasota, FL., 2018

Soups On: Chop, Simmer, Boil

A trilogy of short plays inspired by soup!  To be performed together or separately.


Cast:  Margie (30’s – 50’s) and Sarah (30’s – 50’s)

Synopsis: Two neighbors prepare delicious creamy beet soup, but the evening turns nasty!

Production History:  One Night Stand Theatre, Denver, 2014


Cast:  Stacy (30’s, early 40’s), Frank (30’s, early 40’s)

Synopsis:  A married couple with children, do their nonsexual-therapy homework cooking cold melon soup, when the evening turns into a sexy cat and mouse game.

Production History: One Night Stand Theatre, Denver, 2015


Cast:  Becky (30’s – 40’s), Bob (40’s), Suzie (25)

Synopsis:  It’s Halloween night and Becky is drowning her flu and sorrows in medication. Her husband Bob comes by the house with his mistress Suzie, wreaking havoc in an already struggling relationship.

Production History:  Blame It On The Playmakers, Denver, 2014


A five minute comedy

Cast:  Older Woman (late 40’s), Older Man (late 50’s, 60’s)

Synopsis:  A reserved, conservative woman applies for a writing job in a film office and is harassed by a low end Hollywood producer.

Production History:  Theatre Company of Lafayette, CO, 2008 
Picture of Lisa and John