Nicolette creates a safe and exciting environment for the actors and with her acting background, she is able to elicit first-rate performances from her casts. The three productions I’ve seen have been very well acted and had a lovely sense of ensemble.  Bob, Los Angeles


As a director, she posses that rare quality of being able to hear the underlying music of a scene, which marries truth and theatricality in her work.  Emma, Denver


Nicolette’s special gift is bringing the truth out of even the most inexperienced actor. She has a way of communicating with actors that is both nurturing and stimulating. She finds a way to speak each individual performer’s language, taking great care to serve both the needs of the play and the actors within them.  Liza, Los Angeles


Nicolette is always impeccably prepared. She researches the work and has a very clear understanding of the action, the circumstances, the characters and the structure of the play. However, all this preparation does not get in the way of her hearing other ideas the actors may have about character or intention, or even basic logistics.  Sasha, Los Angeles


Nicolette is an inspiring director and artist who helped me find my voice as an actress.  She is one of the few directors I have met for whom I would drop everything I am doing, (paid or not paid) to work with!  Jessica, Denver


It has been a continuing education every time I sit down with Nicolette to work on a new project and have found most acting instructors pale in comparison to her approach and honesty as an artist.  Most importantly, her focus is on getting it through to the actor what the scene is about.  Emil, Los Angeles


Nicolette is one of the most well-crafted and passionate theatre artists I know. She is also one of the finest people I’ve ever met. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.  Robert, Seattle


Nicolette is a fiercely intelligent and creative woman who always has a clearly defined vision, something I find intensely important in a director. In that vision, however, she allows actors the freedom to explore and bring their own gifts to the production, making the process one of joyful collaboration.  Lisa, NYC


Generous, intelligent, patient and creative, Nicolette keeps the work fun and on track. Her clarity, attention to detail and refusal to quit till its right make actors feel safe in the process and confident that the work is solid and that their performances are the best they can be.  Sandy, Baltimore