Write a Compelling Script!

canstockphoto10132679Scripting is of the utmost importance for video marketing. Just about every movie or TV show you have ever seen has been scripted. Why? So they can tell the story in a concise and engaging way. The same goes for your video marketing.

Movie and TV scripts are also rehearsed. A lot. With a director! Why do you think actors appear to be so natural?

Rehearse your script before shooting.

But don’t rehearse in a mirror, EVER! You will spend too much time judging your appearance and you won’t get the script memorized. You’ll be so depressed by the time you are done, you won’t take the leap and actually shoot your video!

Once you get in front of the camera YOU WILL BE NERVOUS. Trust me. I have been in the performing arts for 30 years and I still get nervous when they bark that word, “ACTION!” If you KNOW what you are going to say, and you know it inside-out like you know the alphabet, it will calm your nerves. If you’re nervous, chances are you don’t know your script well enough.

You have seconds to catch someone’s attention!

Keep in mind that you are telling a story. In story telling structure there is usually a beginning, middle and end.

In video marketing it breaks down like this…

The beginning is about making a connection, “hi I’m so and so” … but by the time you introduce yourself, people may be clicking off. They may not like your voice, or your hair, or your face. Sorry it’s just the truth. Notice your own behavior when watching videos. What makes you “click off?”

-If you have 5-10 seconds to connect… don’t waste those precious first 10 seconds talking about yourself!
-Start off with a juicy bit of info that will catch your audience.
-Pose an intriguing question – if they want to know the answer they will watch the video.

In my book the beginning and middle are united into one step. Start giving some juicy value right away! The middle is where you share “what’s in it for them.” How can you take their pain away? It’s not about you and what YOU can do for them. Focus on the RESULT of what you do, that’s what you are selling anyway.

The end is where you can introduce yourself. If they watched the whole video, NOW they want to know who you are! And make your offer… or what they call the “call to action.”

-“Call me now for a free 1/2 hour consultation.”
-“Book an appointment now and get a free copy of my book.”
-“Visit my YouTube channel and watch my videos for lots of free information.”

Share your script with a friend or two, or with a professional script writer to make sure your message is clear, concise and engaging!!

Happy writing!!

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