Are you wasting your time learning “home made” video skills?

canstockphoto3695085I read a stat last week that said that in a few years, 90% of all internet content will be video. So the question is, do you spend your time becoming a professional video producer, learn how to write an award winning script that showcases you as an expert, set up a shot that features your beauty or rugged good looks, edit your raw footage into a dynamic and compelling story with a beginning, middle and end…???

Or do you continue to focus on your unique gifts, whether you are a drummer, dog trainer, therapist or mommy blogger, and continue empowering others with your strengths? Can you reach a level of quality in the video world when your gifts are creating music, calming an anxious dog, sharing tools to save a marriage, or teaching new moms all the tricks of a trade with no manual?

Maybe, hiring someone who’s unique gifts are writing in an award winning way and making you shine like your favorite movie star might be worth the investment? If I broke my leg, I not going to waste a minute going to medical school or even to Web MD on the internet, I’m going straight to the doctor.